Street Vendor-Publisher: Flyer/Package

Street Vendor-Publisher is a DIY/DIWO platform for cultivating, circulating, and celebrating obsessions. The mutual excitement for a small idea and its potential to spark extensive experiments drive this working group run by Supisara (Supi) Burapachaisri and Chaeyoung (Chae) Kim. Learning from agile street vendors and self-publishers around us, we hack existing components to reflect on the habitual ways of doing things in the art publishing field.

We focus our energy on the process of making in a way that welcomes loose thoughts and playful attitudes. This is why, in our past issues, our obsessions with marshmallows, royal icing, and cookie (crumbs) were materialized into edible concoctions, packaged in readable containers, and distributed via a cardboard vending machine that we built from scratch.

Vending machine for Issue #1: Marshmallows + Royal Icing served on a cookie

Issue #2

Street Vendor-Publisher staff uniform

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