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Dear (Cross) Maker, First Edition (Interactive PDF Version) (2023).

"Dear (Cross) Maker," is the research on learning through making for graphic designers who are experiencing plateaus in their practice. Created with visual and kinesthetic learners in mind, the ‘(Cross) Making’ learning methodology adopts the cross-training method from the sports domain and applies it to a creative one. 

Inspired by the trial-and-error nature of learning electronics through soldering kits, this publication reimagines and repackages this hands-on experience in a personal way — through a set of letters written by a (Cross) Maker-in-Training Buddy addressed to you, the future (Cross) Maker.

Your training buddy will accompany you throughout a Do-It-Yourself training program where you will learn from ‘coaches’ who are actually objects, and engage in ‘exercises’ that may seemingly appear to be unrelated to graphic design, such as disassembling, doodling, folding, sculpting, and pushing. Together we will explore how your unique way of learning through making can help you navigate through plateaus!

Dear (Cross) Maker, First Edition (2023).

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