Selected work related to digital marketing design, which includes and/or extends to digital and print ads, videos, and web design. 

Performance marketing ads

Since digital marketing ads were launched on a weekly basis, ad refresh and testing new creatives were integral towards THINX’s growing online presence, while evergreen ads that feature the “period-proof underwear” tagline help maintain consistency throughout creatives across various social media channels. Other examples of ads include product launch, brand partnership, and THINX blog content promotion ads, launched on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and affiliate. Contribution: design

Store partnership ad (2018)

Out-of-home digital ad campaigns

As an e-commerce brand, THINX continues to break period taboos and empower women not only in digital but also physical spaces through out-of-home ad campaigns. These range from digital billboard video ads in New York City to print ads in London as the brand gains brand recognition internationally. Contribution: design (London campaign), video editing and type animation (NYC campaigns)

Forest & Cotton campaigns: digital screen and billboard ads (2018).

Forest campaign, London: digital screen ads (2018). 

Landing & product page design

For the product launch of re.t.a, the first FDA-cleared reusable tampon applicator, the Design team designed and delivered the key web touchpoints: responsive landing page and product page, homepage slider, and emails. The landing page features still life photos and 3D product animation through collaborations with freelance artists and designers including Frank J Guzzone. Contribution: web design, emails, art direction for product page images

re.t.a landing page (2019)

Welcome flow emails

Video branding

Content video branding for THINX (BTWN), THINX’s sub-brand for tweens and teens. Ask Arielle (About Periods, Puberty, and Life) is a video series that answers questions about periods and puberty. Young People Talk Periods is a collaboration with Bright Lite, interviewing what real teens know and have to say about dealing with periods. Additional episodes available on the THINX (BTWN) YouTube channel. Contribution: art direction, video editing

Ask Arielle: How do I pick the right period products for me? (2018)

Social media

For THINX’s sub-brand, THINX (BTWN), content pieces including campaign and product photos, videos, illustrations, testimonials, brand statements, and influencer posts were designed and delivered weekly. Contribution: design, content curation

THINX (BTWN) Instagram posts: brand statement, illustration animations, testimonial carousel (2018).

Product explainer video

The Thinx Period Specialist video tackles Thinx’s most frequently asked question: How does it work? Incorporating insight from the Content, CX, Marketing, and Product Innovation teams, this video answers customers’ frequently asked questions about the product, explains its technology, and demonstrates how it works. It was featured on the How It Works page on Thinx’s website, and repurposed as ads across marketing channels. Contribution: storyboarding, art direction, video editing

Thinx Period Specialist (2018)

Brand campaign videos

For new product launches, the Design and Photo teams work together to conceptualize and introduce the product through visually compelling narratives, and execute them through collaborations with photographers for brand campaign videos and photos. These videos were then edited in-house, and are featured on product landing pages, on digital billboards for out-of-home campaigns, and were repurposed as video ads on platforms including YouTube and Snapchat. Contribution: video editing

Brand video: Cotton campaign (2017)

Brand video: Forest campaign (2018)

Print ad campaigns

Prints range from brand collaterals to prints for editorials, pop-ups, event launches, and brand partnerships, which also include supporting online promotional ads. Contribution: design

Promotional assets for Forest launch event (2018)

Fearless Bleeding campaign prints (2017-2018)

Video trailers

Trailers for One Woman: a video series in partnership with Harper’s Bazaar that spotlights the endurance and adaptability of women in the THINX community. These trailers are used as ads on paid marketing channels, and as content posts on social media. Contribution: video editing

One Woman: Tia trailer (2018)

One Woman: Oona trailer (2018)
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